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Springfield Armory M1A


Springfield Armory M1A  vicious and

enthusiastic destroyer of paper and other targets,

I’m confident blazing away with the M1A at distances

further than I can see. In fact, there’s not much that

I want to do with a rifle that I can’t do with

Springfield  classic M1A.

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Model:                                   Standard M1A

Caliber:                                7.62 X 51 NATO

Magazine capacity:       10 rounds

Materials:                          Parkerized barrel and magazine, walnut stock

Weight empty:                 9.3 pounds

Barrel Length:                 22″

Overall length:                 44.33″

Sights:                                  Blade front, adjustable aperture rear

Action:                                 Semi-automatic, gas operated, piston driven

RATINGS (out of five stars)

75 year old styling never looked so modern.

If you like the looks of the M1 Garand, you’ll

love the looks of the M1A. It’s sleeker than the

pot-bellied Springfield Riffle and the muzzle device of your

choice really dresses it up. The wood has a bit of figure,

too. It’s not AAA Grade Fancy, but it’s still decent stuff.


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