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S&W SD-9 Caliber



S&W SD-9 Caliber

The S&W SD-9 Caliber Smith & Wesson®’s SD9 VE semi-auto pistol operates with a striker-fired action that activates with a 2-piece Self Defense Trigger (SDT) for consistent pull. This pistol has a distinctive 2-tone look with a black polymer frame and stainless steel slide. This S&W SD9 VE handgun has a white dot front and dual white dot rear sight. The grip is textured on the side and has aggressive texturing on the front and backstrap to aid with control. A standard Picatinny rail is under the muzzle and built into the frame for easy accessory attachment. Other desirable features found on this S&W SD9 pistol are front and rear serrations on the slide to aid with operation plus a textured finger locator on the side of the frame above the trigger. It’s designed for easy concealed carry and ready home defense.



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